The ffuuss Connected Platform is an integrated
ecosystem that connects hand dryers and
dispensers to an intelligent platform that
provides real time information.

Efficient Washroom System

ffuuss Efficient Washroom System IoT Platform allows you to connect the hand dryers and soap dispensers to an intelligent platform. Get real time data and control all your building’s devices directly from your screen. Anticipate refills and stock management, control filter replacements and maintenance to keep your washroom perfect with less effort.


If you have no management software installed for your business, you can always receive data and alarms by email directly in your inbox.

Machine Learning

The system’s machine learning capabilities allow our customers to access data, customize alarms according to their needs, organize cleaning frequency and keep supplies readily available, among other capabilities.


• Organize cleaning shifts based on actual needs
• Anticipate replenishment of supplies
• Monitor equipment status in real time

ffuuss Connected Platform

Installation Name Dryer Cycles Installation Alarm Installation Location Hand dryer devices

Save money and time with our hand dryers/devices which are connected to an intelligent IoT platform. Monitor in real time the state of the devices, refills and stocks, applying business intelligence and machine learning for washroom maintenance and management.


ffuuss Connected Platform is the result of a consortium between ICA Group and ffuuss. The platform received funding and support from the public business entity CDTI and is reliant on Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation, which promotes innovation and technological development in Spanish companies.


  • Information available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Devices monitored simultaneously
  • Users connected to receive warnings about the state of the equipment
  • Structure customizable to each customer’s need

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