ffuuss™ Efficient Washroom System

is a smart solution from OTS GROUP
that brings together innovation, design
and technology to transform the
washroom experience.
Feel the difference.


With more than 20 years’ experience and industrial know-how, ffuuss™ is OTS Group’s response to giving the best results, combining experience, knowledge and the commitment.

Innovative patents

Innovation is in our DNA. For ffuuss™ efficient washroom system we developed three new patents for our exclusive preheat system, air curtain design, and capacity sensors.

From local to global

We produce all our products in Solsona, near Barcelona, from where we export all over the world. Our products are present in 50 countries.

Sustainability at the core

We run a sustainable and responsible production process and we help our customers reach their sustainability objectives in saving energy.

100% Renewable Energy

ffuuss™ uses 100% renewable electric energy. It comes from hydroelectric generation, wind farms and photovoltaic plants, located in Catalonia.

Committed to delivering
the highest quality

At ffuss™ we apply a lean manufacturing management model that allows us to control the entire process in our own plants, from engineering and design to the manufacturing chain, adapting our know-how to the needs of each product.


Our commitment to quality is absolute: production with zero defects. We test all our products in the OTS GROUP Holding quality control laboratory with the most advanced technological resources to meet the strictest approval requirements.