Take washroom experience and management to the next level!

Our Efficient Washroom System offers the most innovative hand dryers and soap dispensers. They connect to an intelligent platform to monitor the state of the devices and the supply in real time, and to facilitate performance in washroom maintenance.

Our products

Cleaner washrooms with less effort

Real time information to optimize
and reduce the cleaning shifts in
public restrooms.

Better experience for your customers

Make a difference for your customers by giving them the most comfortable experience with a hand massage while they dry their hands. Never run out of soap or have a hand dryer out of service!

Do it yourself

Elegant and customized premium washrooms

Select the color combination that best matches
your washroom’s interior design from our range of
customizable products.

Save energy and money

ffuuss™ contribute to the sustainability of the environment, saving up to 35% on your energy with ffuuss™ hand dryers. If you save energy, you save money too.

Highest quality standards for hand hygiene

ffuuss™ innovative hand dryers guarantee hands hygiene, catching more bacteria than paper towels.

Accessible to all

With ffuuss™ hand dryers, everyone can enjoy an optimal drying experience.
Children can dry their hands perfectly, and they are adapted for wheelchair users.