The perfect choice for any

Small Business

ffuuss™ hand dryers adapt to every business need.
They offer a great washroom experience for your customers, saving money while meeting the highest hygiene standards.

Give washrooms a creative and distinctive style at restaurants, bars, health centers, gyms, factories or hotels. Offer your customers a fantastic experience with a minimalist and elegant design, and cutting-edge technology.

Customize your hand dryer

Choose the model and color that best suits your space, creating a unique experience for customers. You can also add a logo or image to make it even more special.

Easy to install and to maintain

Check the state of the device from your mobile phone without disassembling it. Anticipate maintenance tasks thanks to the mobile app connected by Bluetooth.

Make a
sustainable choice

Reduce energy consumption by 35%*
(*compared to conventional resistor hand dryers)

92% savings compared to paper towels*
(*Data obtained through in-house comparative studies conducted over one year)


Keep the washroom clean
with less effort

Avoid wet floors in the washroom thanks to the exclusive ffuuss Air curtain that prevents water splashing out from the drying cavity.

Highest Hygiene

ffuuss hand dryers are equipped with high quality H13 HEPA filters that catch 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. The Biomaster antibacterial coating inhibits bacterial growth.

5 years Warranty

With an efficient After-Sales Service.
*See conditions


UL certification for Canada & USA