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ffuuss™ Efficient Washroom System is a great choice for product portfolios. Offer your customers cutting-edge technology, high performance and outstanding design.

ffuuss will help you bring innovation, design and technology to your clients.
Our efficient washroom system offers a range of customizable products, meeting the highest standards in sustainability and energy savings.

Incorporate into your portfolio an innovative product that stands out from the market standard.

In a market which is constantly searching for technological advances and differential products, you have the opportunity to surprise your customers with an elegant, distinctive and customizable range of products that meets the highest technological standards.

Make ffuuss your
sales partner

We offer fast delivery times and
a good commercial margin

Easy to install and maintain

No more breakdowns! Receive real time information about the state of the device without disassembling it. Anticipate maintenance tasks thanks to IoT and built-in sensors.

Easy to install
The easiest hand dryer on the market to install. Install your devices by attaching the mounting bracket with two screws.

Easy maintenance
Access the internal components of the ffuuss hand dryer by removing two screws from the cover.

Sustainability Goals

Reduce energy consumption by 35%*
(*compared to conventional resistor hand dryers)

92% savings compared to paper towels.
(*Data obtained through in-house comparative studies conducted over one year)


No more messy washroom
areas and wet floors

Save time and effort on washroom cleaning and maintenance thanks to the exclusive ffuuss Air curtain that prevents water splashing out from the drying cavity.

Highest Hygiene

ffuuss hand dryers are equipped with high quality H13 HEPA filters that catch 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. The Biomaster antibacterial coating inhibits bacterial growth.

5 years Warranty

With an efficient After-Sales Service.
*See conditions


UL certification for Canada & USA