The combination of creativity and technology that provides an optimal user experience with 100% hygiene and safety.

All ffuuss™ products are designed to offer an optimal experience and service to users. We meet the highest standards in technology to make washrooms safer and more comfortable, while taking care of hygiene and health.

A color experience for wellness and relaxation


HD ONE’s LEDs, located in the area where the hands are placed, create a cascade of light in different colors that enhance relaxation, wellness and reduce stress. The colors create a chromotherapeutic effect to enhance wellbeing and mental clarity.


The color experience, combined with the multiple air outlets, is what enables users to enjoy a pleasant hand massage.

*available on the ffuuss one Premium models

Preheat air heating system*

Preheat is an air heating system, patented by ffuuss™, that works without the need for conventional resistors that have high consumption and carry certain risks. It is only available on ffuuss one Premium models.


The system is activated and controlled by environmental sensors to avoid a constant and unnecessary consumption, making the ffuuss™ hand dryer safer and more efficient.

Meeting the highest hygiene safety standards

HEPA H13 filter

The ffuuss™ hand dryer contains a high quality H13 HEPA filter, with a 99.97% efficiency, in order to guarantee hand drying with clean air. It is especially relevant in food handling and hospital environments where high standards of disinfection are required.


Treatment with antibacterial additives

The ffuuss™ hand dryer has been treated with Biomaster antibacterial additives whose active ingredient, based on silver ion technology, prevents the growth and formation of new bacterial cells, meaning that the ffuuss™ hand dryer is effectively and permanently more hygienic over the course of its lifetime.

Drain Outlet

The wastewater is stored in a tank or expelled through a drain outlet. This is much safer than hand dryers that turn wastewater into mist for direct release into the room, potentially spreading bacteria around and back onto the user.

Cleaner washrooms
with our
Curtain effect*

Outlets have been incorporated into the sides to produce a curtain effect, this prevents water from spraying out of the drying area.

*Patented by ffuuss

Offer real air hugs to your customers

Air Hugs

The design and distribution of the air outlets is unique to ffuuss™ and they offer authentic air hugs. The outlets have been designed to ensure the air covers as much of the area of the hands as possible and the combination of their different sizes minimizes air noise.


Their oval shape and slight inclination projects the air in the optimal direction for drying hands.

Capacitive Sensors*

At ffuuss™ we have built capacitive sensors into our ffuuss one hand dryers so that everyone can enjoy an optimal drying experience.


These sensors, located around the perimeter of the drying cavity, allow children and wheelchair users to use the ffuuss hand dryers comfortably, as the drying action is also triggered when hands are inserted from the sides. A one-of-a-kind product benefit and an example of technology made to serve people.


*Patented by ffuuss

Hand Dryers always ready for your customers

Easy maintenance with

Laser or LED Diagnosis

Patented by ffuuss™, it is a unique, silent alarm system integrated into its design for a quick and easy equipment maintenance control. When the ffuuss™ hand dryer reflects a fixed red dot onto the floor, this means that the water tank must be emptied.


A blinking red dot reflected onto the floor means there is a technical problem with the equipment.

Remote Control by Telemetry System

Detection and diagnosis of breakdowns.
Patented by ffuuss™ and included in the ffuuss one model, the system is highly useful for distributors and technical services as it provides, via Bluetooth and without having to dismantle the dryer, remote information on the equipment’s status.


The app is available through the App Store (IOS), Google Play (Android), and Microsoft Store (Windows).