ffuuss™ Efficient Washroom System

is conceived to be sustainable for
both the environment and your
income statement

Short series production

We take responsibility over the volume of our production. We produce in short series to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, over production and stocks.

Consume less energy

ffuuss™ hand dryers save 85% energy thanks to their unique patented engine.

RoHS Compliant

We are RoHS Compliant, which stands for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in the electronics industry. This means we do not use cadmium, lead or mercury, among other dangerous elements.

UL Certified

The ffuuss one hand dryers have obtained the UL certificate, that is, they comply with the regulations of the electrical appliances of the USA and Canada.

100% Renewable Energy

ffuuss uses 100% renewable electrical energy. It comes from hydroelectric generation, wind farms and photovoltaic plants, located in Catalonia.

The 2019 electric mix emission factor consumed by

ffuuss was 0.31 kg CO² / kWh generated.


Our commitment to quality has led us to test all our products in the OTS GROUP Holding quality control laboratory with the most advanced technological resources to meet the strictest approval requirements.


Quality control is carried out at all stages of the production process, with each product unit being reviewed independently and uninterruptedly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.